Total security with SASE

The "sassy" approach to security

SASE stands for "Secure Access Service Edge," and yes, it's pronounced "sassy". It offers a cutting-edge combination of security technologies that combine SD-WAN, routing and WAN optimisation, with cloud-delivered best-practice security solutions, including Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

That's a lot of acronyms! What you need to know is that sitting behind them is a seriously powerful foundation of security solutions. These will allow you to capitalise on the opportunities of modern technology with confidence. Aruba SASE is the recognised leader in the space, providing an efficient and elegant unified, cloud-based platform.

Read on to discover more reasons that SASE is the answer to securing your decentralised IT environment ...

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SASE - The Future of Network
Security in the Cloud


SASE is the only way to deliver a tightly secure environment in a modern, decentralised IT environment. Forget VPNs and proxy servers - if you've got critical data in the cloud, remote workers and edge sites, you need SASE.


SASE secures work from anywhere 

With advanced SD-WAN capabilities, SASE can secure any remote device, from laptops and mobile devices through to IoT applications. No user is trusted by default and this means that you can be sure that the only people logging into the network, no matter how remote, are the people that should have access.


SASE modernises networks

There are two transformations necessary to modernise an IT environment and prepare it for decentralised computing: the WAN and security.
The adoption of SASE addresses both, getting your network foundations ready rapidly and with the least amount of disruption.

It's the only IoT solution in town

IoT devices are notorious for having poor in-built security. Worse, with no Zero rust mechanism, they are a convenient pathway that cyber criminals can use to bypass other efforts at security. SASE provides the solution, with Zero Trust network segmentation that ensures that users and IoT devices can only reach network destinations that are consistent with their role in the business.

What goes into Aruba SASE?

SD-WAN capabilities

SD-WAN enables organisations to establish secure and reliable connections between different locations, such as branch offices, data centres, and cloud environments. It uses intelligent routing algorithms to dynamically direct traffic over the most efficient paths, enabling performance and reducing costs to your edge or remote environments.

Identity-based access

Aruba SASE incorporates identity-based access controls, allowing organisations to define policies based on user roles, device types, and contextual factors. This granular control ensures that only authorised users and devices can access specific applications and resources.

Security services

Aruba SASE integrates a wide range of security services, including next-generation firewalls (NGFW), secure web gateways (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB), data loss prevention (DLP), and more. These security services deliver consistent protection across all network edges.

User experience optimisation

Aruba SASE prioritises user experience by dynamically optimising network traffic based on application requirements and performance metrics. It uses advanced techniques such as traffic steering, quality of service (QoS), and link optimisation to deliver a consistent and high-quality user experience.

Zero Trust framework

Zero Trust assumes that no user or device should be inherently trusted, even if they are connected to the corporate network. This approach enforces strict access controls, verifies user identity, and continuously monitors and inspects traffic for potential threats both at the network perimeter and within the internal network.

SASE - it's your ally in the cloud and at the edge

Lexel Aruba SASE Infographic

Backed by Lexel expertise

Lexel is your end-to-end partner in Aruba SASE deployment and management. Our expert team delivers fast and with minimum disruption, while our flexibility means we can offer managed services at whatever level your organisation needs.

In today's dynamic environments, every organisation has its own blend of on-premises, cloud and edge deployments. Lexel will take the time to understand your organisation's existing security footprint, business needs, objectives and goals. We'll then develop a security solution that best protects your organisation both now and into the future.

Award-winning excellence

When you combine the best in networking technology and expertise with dedication to achieving the best for customers, the outcomes are remarkable. Our networking experts don’t just understand technology, they take time to learn about the intricate people, processes and environment that makes every customer’s situation unique. 

Lexel’s networking team was recognised by HPE, earning the fiercely contested Aruba Partner of the Year 2022 award. We promise that we will treat every project with the commitment and service excellence that earned us this recognition, because every customer deserves an award-winning outcome.

The Aruba difference

The world has changed drastically in recent years. Hybrid working trends, increased reliance on cloud-based collaboration and video technologies, and a drive to digital transformation, all place increased demands on your network and your IT team. This increasing complexity is furthered by a new breed of sophisticated cybersecurity threats.  

While many networking technologies were designed before these profound workplace shifts, Lexel’s Managed Network, featuring Aruba’s Edge Services Platform (ESP) was created to embrace the opportunities of this brave new world.

aruba-icons-network-tools aruba-icons-network-re-evaluation aruba-icons-network-as-a-service
of IT teams still use
up to 10 network
management tools1
agree that Covid-19 caused
a re-evaluation of their
network infrastructure2
of businesses in the APAC region
have deployed NaaS and
26% plan to in the next 12 months3

With most organisations using ten or more network management tools, providing the right service to the business has become ever more challenging. Aruba’s cloud-native architecture uses AI powered automation to optimise the network, saving administration time and boosting performance where it is needed most. It incorporates industry-leading network security capabilities, harnessing zero trust and SASE frameworks to present a more robust defence. 

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